Moxhi Viajero Blue


MOXHI is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They provide you handmade bags from Argentina. Bags with a eco-friendly signature, that are crafted with love and passion. Bags that simply need to be seen.

Our brand MOXHI is derived from two words, Mochila and Moxy (an English word to express a certain kind of courage):

Mochila or, as many Argentineans say, Mochi means ‘backpack’ in Spanish. This is not a coincidence: it was a backpack that ignited the cooperation between MOXHI and the Argentine artisans Leonardo and Cecilia. After traveling through Argentina on a motorcycle, the founder of MOXHI, Tobias de Graaf, decided to return to the capital Buenos Aires for half a year. Here, he met Leonardo and Cecilia and their mochilas hermosas, beautiful backpacks, with which he fell in love instantly. The result of this story is a lifelong friendship and, not to forget, our brand MOXHI.

  • Beautiful mix of genuine organic leather and high-quality textile
  • Strong cotton straps with a leather strip
  • Cotton lining inside
  • Extra safe strap fastening
  • Inside pocket
  • Outside pocket on front
  • Perfect backpack size, suited for daily use
  • H: 46 cm | W: 37 cm | (when packed normally) D: ~15 cm
  • Artisan Design: handcrafted in El Palomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wanna see how a Moxhi is made? Take a look:

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